Unit Finances for All Packs, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouts Units

“A budget is telling your money were to go instead of wondering were it went”

Dave Ramsey

In Scouting, we do not expect you to be a financial expert in everything as it is related to your unit’s finances. However, Scouting expects both its youth and adults to live the Scout Oath and Law and to do their best. To that end, this page is here as a guide to the world of finances from the unit perspective. Thus this page is not meant to be all-encompassing but to serve as a resource for your unit to be successful in this area. If you have questions about finances for your unit, feel free to reach out to the Great Alaska Council for further guidance.

Fundrising Resoruces

Preapproved Council Sponsered Fundraisers for units

Popcorn Sale

Fundraisers outside of the pre-approved Council Fundraisers.

Unit Money Earning Application fundraiser

Banking Resources

Tax ID Numbers

Each unit should have its own tax ID number to help facilitate banking. Instructions for how to obtain an Employer Identification Number can be downloaded below.

Apply online at the IRS Website

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