Important Dates

Unit Sign Up Begins April 1

Show N Sell Order Due Sunday, July 23

Popcorn Distribution Anchorage/Juneau Friday, August 18

Popcorn Return Anchorage/ Mat-Su Saturday, October 14

Take Orders Due Sunday, October 15

Popcorn Payment Due Friday, November 10

Popcorn Distribution Friday, November 10

2023 Fall Product Offering and Prices

$25 Salted Caramel

25 White Cheddar

$25 S’mores *NEW*

$25 12PK Unbelievable Butter Microwave

$15 Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn (3.5 oz bag)

*Subject to change based on availability


Return Policy: A unit may return no more than 10% of their total order and no more than 10% of each product.

Popcorn Resources

All resources listed below are available for download

Council Volunteer Popcorn Team Ask Us Anything!

31% Base Commission

Bonus Commission:

1% Unit Budget 

1% Increase total sale by 10% 

1% Return within return policy



Danyelle Schauer
Development Director danyelle.schauer@scouting.org

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