Adult Recognition

There are three types of awards, commonly referred to as knots, adults can wear on their Scouting uniform. Awards earned as a youth, awards earned as an adult, and recognition presented to adults for service to Scouting.


Awards Earned as a Youth

Scouters who earned their Arrow of Light, Eagle Scout Rank, Venturing Awards and Religious Emblem as a youth, can wear the knot that represents these awards on their uniform as an adult

Awards Earned as an Adult

There are many awards that can be earned as an adult. Each of these awards helps the movement progress and to deliver quality program to Scouts.

Once the requirements for the recognition have been completed turn in the application/tracking form to the Scout Office. The Scout Office will prepare a certificate and the knot to be presented at Roundtable. There is no cost for the certificate and knot. These are a “Thank You” from the Great Alaska Council to our amazing volunteers!

Silver Beaver
Silver Antelope
Silver Buffalo

Recognition Presented to Volunteers

The District Award of Merit is an award that is presented to Scouting Volunteers from the District Committee. Nomination Forms are typically Due the first Friday in December and presented at the District Dinner in March or May.

The Silver Beaver is an award that is presented to Scouting Volunteers from the Great Alaska Council. Nomination Forms are due the First Friday in December and are presented at the Council Recognition Banquet in February.

The Silver Antelope Award is a region level distinguished service award for the Boy Scouts of America.

The Silver Buffalo Award is the national-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. It is presented for noteworthy and extraordinary service to youth on a national basis as a part of or independent from Scouting

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