OA Lodge History

Nanuk Lodge #355 was established July 1, 1947, with the inception of the Alaska Council of the Boy Scouts of America, based out of the State Capital of Juneau. Initially the Council was responsible for the entire State of Alaska.

The Lodge Totem is the great Alaskan Polar Bear, which the Inuit people call “Nanook”, the lodge name is a variation of that name. By 1957, scouting was developed enough in the Anchorage area to support a new council. The Western Alaska Area Council was formed on July 1, 1955 and retained the original lodge name. Southeast Alaska formed a new lodge, named Kootz, which merged into Nanuk Lodge in 2006, thus becoming the lodge of the Great Alaska Council. Nanuk Lodge is responsible for OA programs across 297,833 square miles, covering the Aleutian Islands, Western Alaska Coast, South-Central Alaska, and the Pan-Handle to the South-East.

Nanuk was a National Quality Lodge in 2004, 2007 & 2009

Nanuk has the following JTE accomplishments:
Bronze – 2013, Gold – 2014, Gold – 2015, Gold – 2016, Silver – 2017, Gold – 2018

Nanuk has been awarded the following awards:
National Camping Award 1996, OA Innovation Award 2014

Lodge Key Three History

The Key Three is made up of the Lodge Chief, Lodge Adviser, and Lodge Staff Adviser. These individuals oversee the complete operations of all lodge functions and business. The Chief is elected annually by our members and the Advisers are appointed by the Scout Executive on a yearly basis. Below are those who have served at the helm of our organization.

 YearLodge ChiefLodge AdviserLodge Staff Adviser
2022AJ SzewczykAlan SzewczykSamuel Giacalone
2021Conner KniefelBrice AlexanderSamuel Giacalone
2020Joe Pavia-JonesBrice AlexanderSamuel Giacalone
2019Alexander Christenson/Joe Pavia-JonesBrice AlexanderBenjamin Ormsby
2018Ian SandsSamuel GiacaloneBenjamin Ormsby
2017Ian SandsSamuel GiacaloneBenjamin Ormsby
2016Andrew ArsenaultSamuel GiacaloneBenjamin Ormsby
2015Michael WilsonSamuel GiacaloneBenjamin Ormsby
2014Nigel FloydSamuel GiacaloneBenjamin Ormsby
2013Nicholas GreeneTane VincentJustin Savidis
2012Jacob Hanchett/Tyler BergerGordon Ward/Tane VincentJustin Savidis
2011Andre GiacaloneGordon WardJustin Savidis
2010Andre GiacaloneGordon WardJustin Savidis
2009Adam WardGordon WardCal Hiebsch
2008Samuel Giacalone/Adam WardNick Stout/Gordon WardCal Hiebsch
2007Samuel GiacaloneNick StoutDon Olson
2006Chris Beck/Samuel GiacaloneNick StoutDon Olson
2005Grant Evans/William FosterNick StoutMatt Hill
2004Konrad PyleNick StoutMatt Hill
2003Justin Kaucic/John O’GradyNick StoutMatt Hill
2002Justin KaucicRindi Patterson
2001Scott PattersonRindi Patterson
2000Sam CorreaRindi Patterson
1999Duane GranathRindi Patterson
1998Brad LowryRindi Patterson
1997Jamie RothwellRon Bitzer
1996Brad LowryDale Hartzler
1995Kelly KingDale Hartzler
1994Kelly KingNoah Smith
1993Daniel PatchinNoah Smith
1992Daniel PatchinNoah Smith
1991David DalyNoah Smith
1990David DalyNoah Smith
1989Edward GlennNoah Smith
1988Edward GlennTravis Barber
1987James GriffinRay Morris
1986James GriffinRay Morris
1985No RecordRay Morris
1984Stan AtschleyRay Morris
1983Steve Sherrod/Stan AtschleyRay Morris
1982Steve SherrodRay Morris
1981Scott LearnedRay Morris
1980Ed PenistenRay Morris
1979Jerold EverandRay Morris
1978Johnny EllisRay Morris
1977Dennis MitchellRichard Lewis
1976Mark JacksonRichard Lewis
1975Mark JacksonDaniel Contini
1974No RecordRalph Dobbs
1973No RecordRalph Dobbs
1972Randall FarrisRalph Dobbs
1971Randall FarrisJames Henson
1970Jack HornerJames Henson
1969John LambeHal Hopkins
1968Jaque SumnerD.M. McKinnon
1967Don W. StevensTheophilus Putt
1966Glen WardleJoe C. Spurlock II
1965Glen WardleJoseph Marino
1964Grover WrightJoseph Marino
1963Grover WrightJoseph Marino
1962John BorreceoJoseph Marino
1961Dick Enberg Jr.Walter Strong
1960Fred BraunWalter Strong
1959Don WitsoeH.J. Rosen
1958Donald WileyH.J. Rosen
1957Dale ClarkMaurice F. Powers
1956Dale ClarkMaurice F. Powers
1955Arnie ChristiansenNorman A. Lowenstein
1954Harry CampbellNorman A. Lowenstein
1953Wayne PowersNorman A. Lowenstein
1952Bennie Dupris Jr.Norman A. Lowenstein
1951No RecordDoermus P. Scudder
1950No RecordDoermus P. Scudder
1949No RecordDoermus P. Scudder
1948No RecordRussell A. Apple
1947Duane HuntlyHarold Gribble

Section Leadership History

Nanuk Lodge has played a pivotal role in our section since the Lodge joined the Section in 1992. We have a strong history of youth and adult leaders throughout the organization. Here is everyone who has held a nationally-recognized leadership role in our section.

2022Conner KniefelSection Vice Chief
2019Ian SandsSection Chief
2012Andre GiacaloneSection Vice Chief
2011Andre GiacaloneSection Vice Chief
2010Samuel GiacaloneSection Chief
Adam WardSection Secretary
2009Samuel GiacaloneSection Chief
2007Christopher BeckSection Chief
2006Christopher BeckSection Secretary
2003Justin KaucicSection Vice Chief
2001Raymond C. Wall Jr.Associate Section Adviser
2000Brad LowrySection Chief
Rick WrideSection Staff Adviser
1999Brad LowrySection Chief
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