Accident Insurance

The Great Alaska Council purchases Accident Insurance through a company called Health Specialty Risk for all of our Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Venturing Crews and Explorer Posts. Registered Scouts, leaders, and guests are covered by this program. It counts as a secondary insurance when needed for injuries that occurred at a Scouting event.

For more information go to their website:

Health Speciality Risk Website

Health Speciality Risk Phone Number (866) 726-8870

Certificate of Insurance

Sometimes locations where Scouting takes place requires a Certificate of Insurance. Request for a Certificate of Insurance can be made by sending an email to the Council Office at Requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

The following information needs to be provided when requesting a Certificate of Insurance:

  • Name of Activity
  • Description of Activity
  • Date of Activity
  • Number of People who will attend
  • Scouting Unit (Pack###, Troop###, Crew###)
  • Name of the organization requesting the certificate
  • Address of the organization requesting the certificate 
  • Who the certificate should be sent to and how (email or fax)

Liability Insurance

The general liability insurance policy provides primary liability insurance coverage for registered adults and for all chartered organizations on file with the BSA for liability arising out of their chartering a traditional Scouting unit. This policy provides coverage for claims alleging negligent actions that result in either personal injury or property damage.

A chartered organization is an organization that has applied for and received a current Boy Scouts of America charter to operate a Scouting unit. A chartered organization as defined within the policy shall include the chartered organization, its board of directors and/or trustees, its officer, and its employees in their official and individual capacity. This definition also includes a specific position: chartered organization representative.

Chartered organizations do not need a certificate of insurance. The chartered organization endorsement is a part of the insurance policy contract and is enforceable under the policy contract.

Old Republic Insurance Company provides the first $1 million in coverage. Additional policies, all providing primary coverage to the chartered organization, have been purchased so that more than $5 million in primary coverage is provided.

There is no coverage for those who commit intentional or criminal acts. Liability insurance is purchased to provide financial protection in the event of accidents or injury that occur during an official Scouting activity.

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