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Introducing the First Annual Walk of Faith

This is our first-ever Walk of Faith event, as such, we are inviting the whole community out even if they are not a member of the BSA. This program is going to be an amazing opportunity to learn about the faith communities in Alaska. As such we hope that you will consider attending as a family, as a scout unit, or as a community group. We are planning to visit ten different faith groups. This will be an amazing day filled with activities and presentations for all ages, and yes of course a commemorative collector’s patch! so…

Save the Date of August 6th 2022

As this event is still in the planning stages, we look forward to getting you more information as soon as we can. However, this program will feature opportunities for youth and adults to work towards requirements for faith-based advancement. For example, a Cub Scout could use this event to earn the Webelos Duty to God and You Adventure. Another example as a Venturing Crew member, you could use this event to work towards earning the Venturing Trust Award. Even if you are not working towards advancement, all participants at this program will receive a special Council Shoulder Strip Patch for attending.

More details coming soon about participating faith communities, start time, hike routes, and lunch being provided. Check back here for more specific information once it is available. We hope to see you out at the Walk of Faith.

What is The Walk of Faith?

Are you ready for a walk that is approximately a six-mile hike, with stops at various churches, throughout the event? If so, then you will be treated to an opportunity to tour houses of worship, ask questions of faith leaders, and listen to insights from that faith community. This walk explores the diversity of religions in our community. In other words, by participating you will learn what makes Alaska unique.

Importantly as you visit each house of worship, you will be greeted by a member of that faith. Each faith community is encouraged to expect individuals with questions. Thus, as you visit feel free to ask any questions. However, we do ask that please be respectful of the presenter’s time and other participants as each stop on the hike only has a limited time before you move to the next stop.

What to expect for this event

BSA Units, youth, adults, or community members should consider coming because

  • Hiking is fun and a great form of exercise.
  • Build awareness of faith communities in Alaska
  • Helps earn Duty to God Awards for your specific Religion
  • Works towards advancement for your BSA program
  • Learn something new about what a faith community’s beliefs are
  • Get a cool collector’s patch.

Subsequently, as it takes time to hike from place to place one of our stops will include lunch. However, lunch will only be provided to those who are physically present.

The cost to attend is $15 per individual registered, with a $5 off Early Bird Discount ending on July 1st, 2022. Registration for the event closes on Wednesday, Aug 3rd, 2022 at midnight. So register today!



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Until the Start of Hike


What advancement opportunities are there?

Did you know in Scouting we teach a Duty to God? For example, in the Scout Oath, we all recite “I will do my duty to God”. Consequently, at every level of Scouting, there is an opportunity for Scouts to live up to the Scout Oath and do their Duty to God. One such opportunity that comes in advancement tied to Duty to God, is leadership positions in your Troop. Another example is earning your Faith’s Religious Award.

At this Walk of Faith Event, you will have an opportunity to fulfill requirements for the following advancement. Click on each one to see what advancement your requirements you can earn

Cub Scout Advancement

Scouts BSA Advancement

Venturing Advancement

Religious Emblems

Chaplin Aide Position for Scouts BSA Leadership at this event

Calling all Scouts BSA Youth who need a Leadership Position! The Walk of Faith Committee is looking for youth to serve as Chaplin Aides. You might be wondering what is a Chaplain Aide and what do they do? A Chaplain Aide is a youth leadership position for Scouts BSA youth and helps a youth advance forward in rank within a Scouts BSA Troop. In addition to gaining leadership, youth who serve as Chaplin Aide for this event earn a special honor award for being a Chaplin at this event.

The Scout seeking this position should have earned or is in the process of earning a religious emblem award. It is recommended that the Scout has achieved at least the rank First Class. The chaplain aide should be mature and sensitive for the leadership position, have earned the trust of their fellow Scouts, and have the approval of their Scoutmaster.

Interested in serving? Contact Kris Stoehner to set up an interview and become a Chaplin Aide today!




The Requirements of a Chaplin Aide for the Walk of Faith

To be a Chaplin Aide, Youth must
  • Have your Parent or Guardian’s Approval to serves as a Chaplin Aide
  • Have your Scoutmasters Approval to serve as a Chaplin Aide
  • Contact the Kris Stoehner about setting up a time to visit with the Walk of Faith Committee to say why you want to serve.
  • Be approved by Walk of Faith Committee to serve as a Chaplin Aide for this event.
Duties of a Walk of Faith Chaplin Aide
  1. Attend Pre-Walk of Faith Committee Meetings and share information about the event with your Troop
  2. Promote the Walk of Faith event within your Troop, and encourage them to attend.
  3. Present an overview of the various religious emblem programs to your troop prior to this event.
  4. Encourage troop members to strengthen their own relationship with God, such as through personal prayer and devotions and participation in religious activities.
  5. Ensuring that a spiritual emphasis is included in your troops activities, e.g., vespers, prayer before meals, religious observances, etc.
  6. Agrees to Attend the Walk of Faith event and serve as a Hike Leader guiding participants to each stop on the hike route.
  7. Prepare a Troop Prayer to be said during the day of the event.

Special Recognition to Chaplin Aides

to be determined

Have questions about this event or would like help?

Feel free to contact us

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